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Flexible current transducer based on Rogowski principle, particularly suitable for measurement in combination with portable devices. NRC coils are available in different sizes and can be supplied acco...
RCT is a rigid current transducer based on Rogowski principle, particularly suitable for measurement in combination with portable devices. RCT coils are limited in different sizes but competitive ...
Integrator is a converter which used to amplify and transduce rogowski coil signal,output usually be 0-1Aac,0-5Aac,4-20mA,333mVac,0-10Vdc.
Power Quality Analyzer could measure Electrical parameter,Voltage,Current,Power,Energy,Harmonic with Record function.Specially connect Rogowski coil directly.





    From our News
    • Dear Clients, Recently, all our calibration equipment have passed the calibration certificate of Shanghai Testing & Inspection Institute for Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.  In order to control the production quality and the accuracy of Rogowski coil and current transformer, our company will carry out a full range of high current calibration work every year. Attached is the calibration certificate issued by Shanghai Testing & Inspection Institute for Electrical Eq...
      from: 2021 / 01 / 25
    • Dear MEATROL Client.We will have a spring festival holiday from February 5 to February 18 in China. Thank you for your care in the past year. Because of you, MEATROL grows up all the way.In 2021, we recommend our two integrators to you again. DA01-5 and DA05-5 single phase integrators.1A AC output and 5A AC output have been successfully developed. This is of great significance in the integrator market. It can be more compatible with traditional meters. At ...
      from: 2021 / 01 / 13
    • Good news. We have produced one model smart energy meter ME238. USD26 per unit.※ 5 Rated current selectable: 5A/100A/600A/2.5KA/6KA .※ 3 IN 1 current sensor with RJ45 port easy to install.※ RS485 modbus communication.※ 0.005-5A with high precision.※ 3PH3W/3PH4W.Samples is available. If you are interested. Please contact us to check more information.
      from: 2020 / 11 / 17
    • News, EAST China (Tokamak device) current detection project successfully completed - SHANGHAI PINYAN M&C TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Plasma Physics in my company custom Rogowski coil success in Tokamak device current test, won the industry experts highly praised. Delivery of the test equipment, is another major contribution to Shanghai for the Chinese nuclear fusion product research and control laboratories to make the current detection...
      from: 2013 / 11 / 29
    • Congratulation to succeed took part in SHANGHAI EUROPA KOZVETLEN ERTEKESI TESI PLATFORMJA NYITAS.Chinatown business center of Budapest settled first e-commerce platform - "East China (Shanghai) - Eastern Europe Direct Trading Platform" East China (Shanghai) -East Europa Direct-Sale Platform (referred ECEU), the Chinese Shanghai, the Australian Enterprise (Group) investment management, in Hungary, the relevant units and enterprises to give strong support, was the grand opening of t...
      from: 2013 / 11 / 29
    • Recently, our company and China Electric Power Research Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other research institutes in-depth cooperation in the field of the lightning current has achieved fruitful results, some products reach the international advanced level, into a strong new energy to the cause of mine.
      from: 2013 / 11 / 29
    • MEATROL‘s high-accuracy & high-current Rogowski coil Recently, the Rogowski coil MEATROL customized for XIHARI is formally put into service. The Rogowski coil is 1m long and the current range is up to 300kA. The delivery of testing equipment, will to be an important contribution for China highpoint testing equipment by Shanghai PINYAN M&C Technology Co.Ltd. The function can catch up with the imported products.  XIHARI  introductionFounded in 1958, being one of the maj...
      from: 2013 / 11 / 29


    ROGOWSKI TECHNOLOGY (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. is located in the International Incubator Center in Caohejing High-tech park of Shanghai, specializing in the production and development of current sensor and its related meter. Over  years, the company has cooperated with many domestic leading research institutions,international university, and has successfully developed Rogowski coil with self-sufficiency just property rights. .


    2020 MEATROL certificate for calibration equipment of rogowski coil
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