XIHARI adopts MEATROL's short-time tolerance 300kA Rogowski coil into detection system

Time: 2013-11-29
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MEATROL‘s high-accuracy & high-current Rogowski coil 

Recently, the Rogowski coil MEATROL customized for XIHARI is formally put into service. The Rogowski coil is 1m long and the current range is up to 300kA. The delivery of testing equipment, will to be an important contribution for China highpoint testing equipment by Shanghai PINYAN M&C Technology Co.Ltd. The function can catch up with the imported products.  

XIHARI  introduction

Founded in 1958, being one of the major construction projects of national first five-year plan, Xi’an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd (XIAHRI for short) is the competent authority for high voltage apparatus technology in China. XIHARI mainly focus on the testing, research of HV apparatus, high voltage AC & DC transmission project in complete sets as well as study of test technique. Since the foundation in 1958, XIHARI has experienced three important construction periods and developed to be a professional laboratory with large scale and solid technical ability.

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    Dear Clients, Recently, all our calibration equipment have passed the calibration certificate of Shanghai Testing & Inspection Institute for Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.  In order to control the production quality and the accuracy of Rogowski coil and current transformer, our company will carry out a full range of high current calibration work every year. Attached is the calibration certificate issued by Shanghai Testing & Inspection Institute for Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.  Three our main Calibration equipment have passed as below : 1) High current electric generator. Model: FS4000A2) Digital multimeter. Model: Faith 3683) Digital vernier caliper. Model:Sanliang 200mm Our company strictly implements the quality system managem...
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